I was born in 1982 in a vibrant Madrid to my Irish mother and Spanish father, which gave me the fortunate opportunity to grow up in both Spain and Ireland.

In some ways, I do think it’s rather shocking I have followed my passion of performance, since a “lovely” nun told me early in my life that I danced like a duck. A duck no less. Maybe if she had said a chicken, I might have started sooner than 14 in the performing arts. Plus the fact I was notoriously shy until that first production (which those who know me still don’t believe that I was shy, at all, at anytime in my life).

So where did that duck shadow finally dissolve for me? When I had one line in a production of Alice in Wonderland at 15. What that line was, and which character I’m saving for Graham Norton, who by the way did hand me an award at the National Theatre of London back in the 90s.

One of my favourite moments was how I ended up in presenting, thanks to a short-lived but wonderful radio station in Dublin – Radiomade – when I knocked on their studio door above the restaurant where I worked. I asked if they would like to interview me for my new theatre show, and I ended up producing the interview, then after noticing they didn’t have a morning breakfast show, I ended up convincing them to let me do it for them. Since then I’ve been the host of several radio shows, events, corporate gigs and more.

After Dublin, 5 years in Liverpool, and a short stint in Manchester, where I studied acting (head to my CV page for more details), then to Dublin again to complete my Theatre degree, I ended up in Barcelona where I truly honed my career in all three pursuits that I focus on today. Now, my life comes full circle, with my recent move to Madrid, to continue developing my career in film and TV.

Of course, I can’t ignore my notoriety, and my incredible fan base on the gaming circuit with several games under my belt, and the tag of being called a “bargain basement Rachel [redacted]” which I take as a fantastic compliment.